FIAT - BERTONE X1/9 is available as O Scale (1:43) model
1:43 O Scale FIAT X1/9 Model Blue 1:43 O Scale FIAT X1/9 Model Blue

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RX19 FIAT X1/9 1972-1978 Blue $32.00

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X1/9 is a two seater sports car with removable "targa top" designed in Italy in 1970 by BERTONE featuring a 1275cc SOHC mid mounted 4-cylinder engine with 4 speed transaxle.

The car was developed by BERTONE, but initially Carrozzeria Bertone has only produced the body shell and FIAT completed the vehicles in another factory.

The car body was produced in Grugliasco on the outskirts of Turin.

The name comes from the design designation and it is the only Bertone designed vehicle that was not renamed for production.

This low cost, lightweight and simple car, which had been developed as the "affordable sports car" and served its purpose for over seventeen years.

Series production of the X1/9 was stopped in Italy in 1989 when BERTONE released the last batch of X1/9's with FIAT/Lancia 1500cc engines, BOSCH L fuel injection and 5-speed transaxle.

The X1/9 in America

The X1/9 cars were sold in USA by FIAT from 1972 to 1980. In 1982 FIAT withdrew from USA and the sales were taken over by IAI and latter by independent distributors. Last vehicles were imported to USA in 1989.