Piezo Speaker Module

Product Use

This Piezo Speaker Module can be used in both Automotive and Hobby circuits.

Piezo Speaker Module generates sound output.
Operates on 3V to 5V DC.

The Piezo Speaker Module can be used as a Speaker or Buzzer, it is however a passive module that does not include any built in driver electronics.

The Piezo Speaker Module should be used with appropriate driver or amplifier that is capable to deliver up to 500mA pulse.


Piezo Speaker Module

Connection Diagram

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Relay Driver with LED connection diagram

Connector (J1)

  1. + 3V to 5V DC+
  2. N/C
  3. - GND

Product Specifications

Sender source voltage (min/max) VDS 3 / 5 V
ON current (max) I 310 mA
Operating Temperature Ton 20 to 140
-6 to 60


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