Laser Sender Module

Product Use

This Laser Sender Module can be used in both Automotive and Hobby circuits.

Laser Sender Module generates bright red (650nm) dot output.
Operates on 3V to 5V DC.

The Laser Sender Module can be used to provide light beam that is then detected by Light Receiver Module, which in turn provides switching ON signal to any microprocessor such as Parallax Propeller or Arduino.


Laser Sender Module

Connection Diagram

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Relay Driver with LED connection diagram

Connector (J1)

  1. GND Ground
  2. R 10K Resistor to Ground
  3. Vbb 3V to 5V DC+

Product Specifications

Sender source voltage (min/max) VDS 3 / 5 V
ON current (max) I 10 mA
Operating Temperature Ton 20 to 140
-6 to 60


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